Magnetic Compensation and Aeromagnetic Processing

We have now released an updated version of our aeromagnetic processing and magnetic compensation tools. The new version is suitable for airborne, ground and marine surveys providing some of the most advanced tools for magnetic processing. The compensation licenses include QCTool Basic as well as the advanced magnetics add-on.

For aeromagnetic and marine data, the processing and compensation is suitable for fixed wing, helicopter sting and towed systems, unmanned aircraft as well as towed instrumentation from drones and towed instruments at sea. The processing allows the user to work with single or multiple TMI sensors as well as 3 component magnetometers including fluxgates.

The compensation coefficient calculation is now enabled for the use with either fluxgates or IMU's, thus allowing for compensation and interpretational use of fluxgate data. For all types of compensation, the user may utilize an optimization process which finds the best method for compensation.

New tools include the calculation and de-rotation of gradients. Thus, the IMU data can enable compensation of your multiple TMI sensors and thus calculation of gradients in the vehicle coordinate system and then de-rotation to either a grid azimuth or magnetic or UTM north. But, what is most exciting is that we can now compensate fluxgate data and then de-rotate the component data to a single coordinate orientation thus enabling modeling and inversion of the fluxgate data providing a whole new power to aeromagnetics particularly low level surveys from drones and UAV. Additionally, the compensation can be applied directly to the derivatives. If interested in this very advanced aspect, please contact us.

These tools add to an already impressive list of processing capabilities including the derivation of processed gradients using our advanced Fourier techniques otherwise not available in any other product. As well as the new release of a very exciting tie line correction algorithm. The low level compensation of fluxgate data is very suitable for our detection tools in EMIGMA for shallow magnetic objects.

The tool also has an impressive list of mapping capabilities as well as the most advanced filtering tools in the industry.

The basic license is $6,000US which includes a full license including calculation of compensation coefficients and compensation of data and another license to use compensation coefficients and compensate your data. This includes the advanced magnetic processing tools.

Only compensation of data is available through a GX. If you would like to use the compensation during flights please contact us to discuss this issue. We can either provide source code or a compiled object file.
Cost:$6000 for 2 licenses
 $8100 with data compensation GX

Magnetic Compensation PDF Documents