CSEM Processing

We continue our work in land based CSEM to provide a comprehensive set of tools to allow proper processing and interpretation of geophysical surveys with a grounded transmitter utilizing both magnetic and electric measurements. This includes proper processing and interpretation of so-called CSAMT.

We have recently completed the ability to process from raw time series, accurate and correct controlled source (CS) data that utilizes a large grounded transmitter. To date, we have added import and processing functionality for the SMARTEM receiver, the Phoenix transmitter and receiver files and for generic time series monitored with GPS time.

With these processing capabilities linked to our forward modeling and inversion routines, you may now collect, process and interpret such data without the need for large spatial offsets in the transmitter and receiver.

This, of course, has many benefits both in cost and operational activities. There is now no need for huge, heavy and expensive transmitters. Very long transmitters with very large distances to the receivers are now no longer necessary. Of course, interpretation is now much more straightforward as you no longer have to concern yourself with such things as: a) being in the far field b) transmitter response at the transmitter site and c) response of the intermediate region between transmitter and receiver.

With this new processing, you will now be ready to utilize our ground breaking 3D inversion allowing for: a) multiple transmitters b) magnetic and electric measurements without the need to contract to an impedance c) scalar or vector measurements d) many receivers on multiple lines (profiles). The inversion is multi-core and utilizes array processing techniques and new techniques in inversion. Actually, not new but we have gone back to the fundamentals and play no tricks in the inversion process.

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